We are currently standing by for our Official Airline Reservation Website. No booking will be allowed because we are not officially operating. The website will be  locked and in a Non-Active status until 45-60 days prior to our Inaugural Flight. However, today, we don't have much to say, so please don't delay....join our great team....here at JQA where all our staff takes ownership. All future candidates interested in joining our team will have access to our online application. Jamaica Queen Airlines Limited is "An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer." In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by in the near future. Thank you for your patience, interest and support. We will keep you update with the most current information available. Please click on the link below on the right and then click on the "Public Information" to get current updates.

In the mean time, please visit us at our temporary websites: http://tlc174.wix.com/flyjqa or http://tlc174.wix.com/jamaicaqueen or http://tlc174.wix.com/jamaicaqueenairlines